No reasons to hurry with retaliatory sanctions on US, EU — Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov believes that there are no reasons to hurry with retaliatory sanctions against the United States and the European Union though sanctions will be certainly imposed, the diplomat said in an online interview with electronic news edition on Tuesday. «They try to mislead us from the chosen path using unacceptable methods,» he said. «In this situation, we cannot stay indifferent. The shape of response is no less significant than its content in this case.»

 «I just want to say that it is also possible sometimes to look at all this from the outside,» Ryabkov said, adding that «It is possible to restrict rhetoric and limit some manifestations of unacceptance. Everything depends from a concrete moment.»

 «We are quite cool-blooded and are ready to take each turn of the current crisis from some distance, without yielding to passion and a storm in the soul according to the Descartes philosophy. Let these people be on the other side and they cannot put up with what is happening. This is a burden of human passions, as I would describe what is happening in Washington now.»

 In reply to a question whether it means that Russia has an already prepared response to the US and the EU, but is waiting for a moment to give it, Ryabkov said: «We not only have it, something is in effect and something will be introduced soon. There is a question as to which concrete symmetrical response will be given and what it will imply,» he said, adding that «probably, there are no reasons to make haste of it. But it will follow for sure.»

 Russia says EU should be «ashamed» of itself over sanctions, response ready

 Russia on Tuesday criticised new European Union sanctions imposed on Russian officials over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis, saying the EU was under following Washington’s lead and should be ashamed of itself.

«Instead of forcing the Kiev clique to sit at the table with southeastern Ukraine to negotiate the future structure of the country, our partners are doing Washington’s bidding with new unfriendly gestures aimed at Russia,» the Foreign Ministry said.

Moscow has drafted its response to Western sanctions imposed this week, with a range of measures expected to be introduced soon, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Tuesday. «We do not just have it: something has come into force, something will be introduced in the short term.

The issue is about what kind of a symmetrical response it will be and what will be included,» Ryabkov said in an interview with the Russian news site The diplomat added, however, that while haste is not needed, Russia’s response «will necessarily follow.» He said the US sanctions policy is aimed at leading Russia astray by using «improper means.»