Avis de décès du Professeur G.Zhukov

жуков г.п. но

Le professeur en droit G.Zhukov est mort lundi, à l’âge de 90 ans. L’Ambassade de Russie présente ses sincères condoléances à la famille de G.Zhukov et à tous ses proches.
For 15 years G.P. Zhukov was serving as the Vice President of the International Institute of Space Law (Paris). In 1968 he was awarded with a gold medal and a diploma of the International Astronautical Federation and the International Institute of Space Law for his contribution to the scientific development of International space law issues.
Professor G.P. Zhukov participated in many international diplomatic meetings and
conferences, in particular sessions of the Legal Subcommittee of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (1963 and 1979), the Working Group on Direct Broadcast Satellites (1970), the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and the Strengthening of the Role of the Organization (1975), the UN Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNISPACE, Vienna, 1968), Diplomatic Conference on International Air Law (1978) and the Third UN Conference on the Law of the Sea (1979). In 1978-1979 he was elected as the Deputy Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal and at the same time the director of the Legal
Department of the Organization. G.P. Zhukov took part in many international conferences, lectured International law at the universities of Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Canada, France, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, the USA and Finland.
On February 6, 2010 Professor G.P. Zhukov was awarded with the title of Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation. Gennady Zhukov was a major modern academic known both in Russia and abroad. He possessed sharp analytical mind, wealth of knowledge, keen interest in issues of International Law and International Space Law in particular.